6 must watch K-dramas if you enjoy Love Triangles!

March 12, By Nandini Mukherji

Itaewon Class

Tackling issues of power imbalance and social inequality, this show will make you swoon over the protagonists too! (Image: Instagram)

Love Alarm

With an app that alerts you if someone around the vicinity likes you, Jojo sets out to find her one true love. (Image: Instagram)

Record of Youth

Based in and around the world of modeling, the show portrays the rise of a star and the relationships and hardships that surround him. (Image: Instagram)

Start Up

This show revolves around a woman who dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur, her first love, and the man who calls her his first love. (Image: Instagram)

The World of The Married

The story revolves around a couple where the husband finds himself entangled in an extra-marital affair. (Image: Instagram)

True Beauty

This series is a romantic comedy about a make-up artist and the only person who has seen her bare face, but she soon gets involved with another man too. (Image: Instagram)

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