COVID-19: Govt-recommended foods to boost immunity

May 7, By Bindiya Bhatt

Image: Unsplash

Whole grains

Go for Ragi, oats and amaranth

Image: Pexels

Good sources of protein

Chicken, fish, eggs, paneer, soy, nuts and seeds

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Healthy fats

Walnuts, almonds, olive oil, mustard oil

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Vitamins and minerals

5 servings of coloured fruits and vegetables

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Get rid of anxiety

Small amounts of dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa

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Haldi Wala Doodh

Take turmeric milk once a day to boost immunity

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Regular physical activity

Yoga and breathing exercises (pranayam), as per tolerance

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Loss of taste?

Eat soft foods at small intervals and add amchoor in the food

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