Heartwarming selfies of BTS star Jimin

April, 7 By Nikita Sinha

Radiant Personality

BTS Star looks radiant in this picture. (Image: Instagram)

Cozy Attire

Jimin looking warm and cozy in this picture. (Image: Instagram)

Centre of Attraction

Jimin all dolled-up in Black and Red, with sparkling eyes. (Image: Instagram)

Effortlessly Adorable

In the view of the pandemic, Jimin's dressing sense is inspiring his fans. (Image: Instagram)

Colourful Vibe

Jimin dressed, just like his songs Vibes. (Image: Instagram)

Glowing Face

With his glowing face, Jimin is slaying it. (Image: Instagram)

Breathtakingly Handsome

In this Fur hat, he is looking breathtakingly Handsome. (Image: Instagram)

Simplicity on its peak

In this look Jimin's pout is making him effortless Captivating. (Image: Instagram)

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