Ather Energy Reports Minor Fire At Its Chennai Outlet, No Injuries Reported

Ather Burned to Rubble

Amid all the scare of fires around EV scooters Ather have stood fine , there have been no reports of fires in the Ather scooters until now as recently a Ather energy experience in Chennai caught fire , several scooters caught fire in the incident and were charred to mere rubble in the incident. No injuries have been reported in the incident.

Incident Reported From Chennai

The incident took place at the Nungambakkam experience center of energy, as soon as the fire broke out the professionals at the facility were taken to safety. However few scooters caught fire and were reduced to mere charred rubble. As of now the reason behind the for Is not clear , an investigation has been launched into the matter to understand what caused the fire.

The incident comes at a time when the nation has witnessed far to many EV fires and according to media reports close to about 6 people have lost their lives due to EV fires. Several; EV makers were forced to recall their products amid criticism over safety issues.  A major debate has been initiated in the nation regarding EV fires.


Government Issued Probe

A panel of experts which sat in march to probe in to the fire incidents is yet to report its findings next week, the government would issue quality checks and restrictions based on these findings. Union minister Nitin Gadkari has already passed on  stern commonest about penalties which would be invoked upon defaulting manufacturers. Manufacturers found to be focusing on inferior design to produce cheaper models and provide competitive pricing  can be heavily penalized in the future.

Ev scooters were thought of as an affordable way into the  Ev world, while these scooters would have caused the Indian public to jump onto the EV bandwagon but these fires have achieved a feat pretty opposite of the actual aim, lets see what the future hold s for the two wheeler EV mobility.

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