Bajaj NS-650 First Look,Checkout New Design Details

pulsar NS650

A digital version of the NS 650 has surfaced over the internet although it is a digitally created version , people over the internet are gasping over it as it would soon become a reality after there being rumors of Bajaj developing 500cc twin cylinder engine. The bike appears more like a Kawasaki z650 than any other bike in the Bajaj portfolio. Bajaj has entry-level Pulsars like the 120 & 150 and then, for those looking for performance, there is the 200 & 250 range. However, a massive 500cc+ version is still eluding the market. Until then, we can feast our eyes on the digital rendering of the NS650.


The bike has a displaced head which now sits lower than the it used to which gives the bike an alien look, the tank has been redesigned to look more voluptuous. Newly designed cover panels protrude towards the front to give the bike more aggressive stance while juts like any sports bike in the market the bike has a pretentiously up swept tail. Although the bike is a fancy digital design but according to the rumors there might be possibility that  the design might become a reality with bajaj reportedly developing a 500 cc parallel twin engine. The designer however has given the bike the same foot rest as the NS 200and the rear seat seems to be compromised due to design features.

As of now Bajaj itself has not shared any plans to bring such a bike to the market . such digital iterations help people in focusing what they want if there ever would be a new bike along the same lines. The bike has been designed by Abin_Designs_511. As of now Bajaj has all the necessary equipment’s to produce such a product and with their newly formed relations with triumph in future we might see a trident equivalent from Bajaj.

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