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Bajaj Pulsar 2022 New Look ,Redesign First Reveal

By Shriyansh Garg

While Bajaj itself is busy converting every one of their pulsar into a new and more focused machine , People over the internet seem to have no idea of stopping in the pursuit of producing renderings that are absolutely mind-blowing. The creation again is from Abin Desgins 511 from Instagram if you like the render you can follow the handle.



Although it would take Bajaj a few years in the making to bring something like this to the Indian market but here its rests a product of a few hours worth of tinkering on Photoshop. The bikes characteristics have been inherently changed to a more superior sports bike miles apart from the Pulsar that we generally know. The bikes engine seemingly has been updated hence the more beefier look of the bike plus it has been given a more aggressive stance with minimal changes like a short barrel exhaust and bigger disc rotors up front as well as at the rear. The front cowl has gone severe redesigning as well and now looks similar to that of litre class sports bikes.

The bikes foot pegs have been paced more aggressively as well. Except the front cowl that is completely new the bare bones of the bike as well as the chassis remains the same . To offer more performance the bike has also been given up side down suspension up front and a pretension up swept tail like many other super bikes.


Is It Possible ?

While it would be hard for Bajaj to bring such design to bikes with mere 200cc engines the brand might offer such designs on its new flagship that has been under development for sometime now . It has also been heard that the bike would have a 500 cc twin cylinder engine, and with that bike Bajaj might be able to offer similar design. Until then Abin designs is to the rescue.


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