Bajaj Pulsar 250F VS Water Jet Ski Race, Who would Win?

Bajaj Pulsar VS Water Jet ski race

Bajaj have been pretty aggressive in the temperament of their advertising for the Bajaj Pulsar but these new advertisements that have named Chronicles of thrill seem to take the advertising spree up a level . In this series of advertisements as it seems, a pulsar would compete with conventional forces and try to beat them through its raw and aggressive power.

The bike in question is a Pulsar F250 and for the recent episode it goes against a jet ski, in the town of Malpe a small fishing town on the west coast of India. Would the bike be able to beat the Jet ski lets find out.

The bike 250 f now comes with a infinity display as well as a set of wide clip-on handle bars, the jet ski waved right through torment waves cruising along its way while the bike was traveling at it beast the bike comes equipped with gear position indicators, mono shock suspension, slipper clutch as well as a USB charging port so you can stay connected while competing with elemental forces of the nature.

Engine specifications of the bike

The bike produces about 24 ps of power with a peak torque of about 21.5 NM ,the bike has been a profound edition in the pulsar lineup of vehicles , even after the superior power of the jet ski the pulsar won in the race. The bike is a close competitor for quarter litre bike’s like the Yamaha FZ 250, Ktm 200 and others as well.

The bike travels right through the small lanes of the village against the ferociously running Jet-ski which was being ridden by a current jet ski riding champion, but due to its superior power and the jet ski being subjected to choppy waters the bike won. Bajaj puts out an warning clearly stating how the stunts were conducted on close roads and should Not  be replicated in real environments on public roads.

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