Can Someone Really Siphon Money From Fastag While Cleaning Windshield? NPCI Answers

New viral Video Kid Siphons Money

Fast Tag systems have brought a legendary change and revolution in the road tax collecting systems of the Nation. While in the past there used to be mile long lines in front of every toll booth kiosks, the fast tag system, has brought efficiency to the system.  While several videos of wrong deduction of double charges and wrong dues being deducted surfaced over the internet regularly, a new video which alleges that a kid while cleaning the front wind shield of the vehicle used his smart watch to wipe out money from the Fastag is doing rounds over the internet.

After the viral reception the video received, concerned users stated tweeting about the alleged fraud  tagging NPCI as well as Road And Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari. The alarming rate at which such videos mushroom over the internet doest put people in a psyche of being alarmed. Being privy to the response NPCI recently tweeted how the said video was a disclosing fake info and how such a thing is not possible.

The video went viral to such an extent that fast tag authorities themselves issued a notice as to how the information that went viral is wrong. To prove their statement authorities claimed that such transactions could only be made through authorized toll merchants and not any smart appliance. And every transaction is actually on boarded by the NPCI through Geo location info.

The ongoing craze of social media while revealing the bitter truths of reality to people has also brought a blind to the eyes of the netizens where alarmed by the visuals of a viral video people sometime forget to question  even the most evident details. A fastag is not a QR code you can pay with or scan through any scanner, its design is typical and can only be scanned through NPCI fastag scanners. However to make sure you don’t get fined twice or stop up a queue of vehicles behind you while on Highways, make sure your wash your windshield so there no dirt above the fastag  plus also always recharge and never skip paying road taxes as this might lead to a blacklisted Fastag.