CES 2022: Meet BMW iX Flow, world’s first car that changes colour | How it works?

CES 2022 BMW iX Flow

BMW has unveiled a new colour-changing exterior vehicle concept at CES 2022. So, how it works?

Well, it works just like e-readers and can change colour based on time and weather to regulate interior temperature without air conditioning. The BMW iX Flow is the first car in the world to incorporate this technology.

BMW iX Flow Colour-Changing Car: How it works?

The exterior panels of the cars have been lined with electronic paper segments which are precisely cut and aligned with the body.

The e-paper is made up of millions of tiny microcapsules containing charged black and white ink pigments.

Each panel is connected to the power supply, and it can change colour as per the applied electric field.

CES 2022 BMW iX Flow

Colour combinations

From a dual-tone roof to the racing stripes on the hood – there are a wide range of greyscale colour combinations for the exterior.

CES 2022 BMW iX Flow

The paintwork only uses power when it changes to a new colour scheme and can be more or less reflective to absorb or deflect heat from its surroundings.

CES 2022 BMW iX Flow

BMW says: “In cooler weather, a dark outer skin will help the vehicle to absorb noticeably more warmth from the sun.”

CES 2022 BMW iX Flow

How this technology is different from lumilor?

The e-paper panels of the BMW iX Flow differ from the electro-luminous paints already in use for cars and motorcycles.

CES 2022 BMW iX Flow

In India, you can professionally apply Lumilor on your car or bike to make small parts like logos and nameplates light up at night.

While lumilor is expensive, expect the BMW panel work to be even more expensive.

CES 2022 BMW iX Flow

Also, e-paper panels do not appear to be scratch or dent-resistant enough to be used in everyday conditions.

At the moment, the automaker doesn’t appear to have any plans to produce the colour-changing paint.

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