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CFEES Report On EV Scooter Fires Reveals Severe Battery Defects In EV Batteries, Manufactures Summoned By Government

By Shriyansh Garg

After the recent EV two wheeler fire cases reported , a critical investigation was advanced towards the manufactures whose scooters defaulted,the probe was to be conducted by Defense Searcher & development organization and the report is finally out, according to the report there have bees severe defects in the batteries of the scooters. DRDO’s wing Center for Fire, Explosive and Environment Safety (CFEES) conducted the investigations.  The report blames bad battery design and serious defects in the batteries and EV modules for the recent fires.


Reasons Behind Fires

According to the Media Reports by Economic Times, these defects occur when the manufacturers source low-grade materials to cut the cost. The government has even summoned the EV manufacturers to understand the reasons behind companies for using such low-grade materials.

Acoording to media reports the Union ministry would allow the companies to present their case and reason with the ministry. The Union ministry announced these investigations after a series of fires reported in EV scooters, the investigation was announced on 28th of March.


Central Consumer Protection authority (CCPA), which works under Union Affairs  sent notices to the companies under probe. The consumer watchdog is also examining more cases of electric scooter fires and may serve similar notices to other electric vehicle manufacturers too.


Voluntary Recalls

A few electric vehicle makers including Pure EV, Boom Motors, Ola Electric Jitendra EV, and Okinawa Autotech recalled the faulty batches after the fire incidents. The findings identified issues with the battery cells or the design of the battery in all the cases.

The government is expected to bring in new Quality-Centric guidelines for Electric Vehicles that will be unveiled soon. The new guidelines will allow the government to ensure that all-electric vehicles offer similar quality.

As an immediate measure to prevent fires in the future , the ministry had formed an expert committee , which issued the probe into the fires , a initial finding released revealed serious lapses in the RD teams of he companies a swell as in the batteries used by the manufacturers. According to the findings revealed by the ministries the governed would impose fines and penalties. Before the probe went into function a few manufacturers recalled their scooters on pan India basis.

According to Nitin Gadkari, the Ministry has already issued the required orders for the probe for all the electric two-wheeler manufacturers, the vehicles which have reported such incidents. To ensure that no such incident happens in future, the Ministry will also introduce new quality-centric guidelines for electric vehicles, which will assure a better quality of engineering in them.

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