Citroen To Bring In Its First EV By 2023, About To Launch C3 Hatchback In July This Year

Citroen C3 2022

With only one offering in the market right now Citroen has just entered the arena of the Indian automotive sector, but its cumulative plans  showcase a brave leap into the thick end of the Automotive sector with the launch of c3 hatchback in July this year. The car would compete with in the high volume sub 4 meter segment. But this seems not to be the only trick up the french companies sleeve with an all electric  compact car all set to arrive as early as in 2023. The company plans to ramp up its dealer network exponentially to cater to higher sales volumes these models meant for the mass market would bring.

Speaking to the Indian media, Carlos Tavares, CEO of the Stellantis group, said, “First of all, I want to say our electric vehicles under the smart-car programme are engineered in India and the first EV will arrive next year.” The smart car programme – also called the C-cubed programme – will see a range of compact and affordable cars built on Citroen’s CMP Platform with India as the global production base.

citroen c3

Ev to be based on C3 platform

The company hasn’t announced its exact plans for the EV they are about to bring in India but the car would be based o the c3 platform, and would be followed up by multiple EV cars based on different platforms. While the arrival of the c3 itself has been delayed by one year due to the pandemic, the Citroen’s A list professionals confirmed that the EV vehicles are on their way to the Indian market.

He further emphasized that an EV version on this platform was always the plan. “Since day one of the smart-car program, about four to five years ago, we knew the direction the market was headed towards and decided that those products will also have an EV version,” said Tavares.

Advantage Over Indian Manufacturers

Citroen has been stressing that their car would be an affordable EV , a offering that most of the established Indian manufacturers are finding hard to manufacture since Maruti ,Hyundai would only be bringing in their affordable EV’s by 2025. The other exciting proposition from the brand has been the use of its CMP platform by the Amercian manufacturer Jeep  to bring its first EV offering. Such a relation would help Jeep as well as Citroen in the Indian market.

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