Delhi Resident Fined For Not Wearing Helmet While Driving His Car

Delhi Resident fined for nrot wearing a helmet while driving his car

A resident from Delhi ,Mr Montu became the subject of headlines and media gaze when reportedly he was spotted driving around wearing a helmet, Mr Montu spoke about the reason and said that he did so because even after owning a car he has received a Challan on his  Car’s registration number for not wearing helmet. Mr Montu said that he received the Challan 6 months ago and has been regularly wearing a helmet while driving to resist such fines.

The fine which costs about Rs 100 , has brought the Delhi Traffic police in light as well as it questions their working ethics the man has brilliantly used the opportunity to being attention towards the floundering work done by Delhi Police. No further info has been shared by the person regarding how he was fined or whether or not he was actually approached by a Policemen . MR Montu drives a Swift Dzire  and has been constantly fear struck while driving due to such incidents.


The report conducted by Times Of India also revealed that the offense was conducted on 7-14-2019 and the offense (if there was one )was recorded for not wearing a helmet at RK Puram SEC 7, although the amount pending for the Challan is no bigger than a 100Rs, but the recipient has used the opportunity to being attention the Traffic police in Delhi.

The new way of registering  Challans by taking mere photographs was brought in to ease the police work as well as scrutinize the traffic conduct further ,but rather its has become a tool for harassment, this recent case would probably bring the authorities attention to the ongoing challenges road users face and would further scrutinize Traffic police conduct as well.

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