‘Donkey is better than a 2 crore car’: Why this angry owner in Gujarat paraded his Porsche Cayenne?

'Donkey is better than a 2 crore car': Why this angry owner in Gujarat paraded his Porsche Cayenne?

Breakdown in almost a new car is one of the saddest things for an owner. However, many such cases happen around the world, including India.

One incident happened in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad, where a frustrated owner of a Porsche Cayenne paraded his expensive vehicle.

A video posted by Right Cards on Youtube shows a group of people pulling the black-coloured Porsche Cayenne. You can also hear a band walking along wih the car in order to catch people’s attention.

Banners with messages like “Donkey is better than a 2 crore car”and “Think 1000 times before buying a Porsche” can be seen pasted on the car.

The owner Uday Kumar, who is a businessman, claims that his almost new Porsche Cayenne had brakes issue and the dealership has refused to resolve the problem.

He said the company tried to solve the problem several times but failed to solve the issue.

Fed up with repeated attempts to get the issue resolved, the owner had to hold protest against the car manufacturer. Watch video here:

Not the first case

donkey car

Well, this is not the first time that a car owner has shown his frustration. In the past too, owners of vehicles like Ford Endeavor, Skoda Octavia, MG Hector and many others have sent out similar strong messages to the manufacturers.

toyota car donkey

Recently, similar incident took place in Maharashtra where an angry owner paraded his Toyota Urban Cruiser with the banners of donkey pasted on it after it broke down.

The owner of the vehicle faced issues with the car from the day he bought it.

Why this man named his Toyota Urban Cruiser a ‘Donkey Car’?

But the Toyota dealer refused to solve his problem following which the owner decided to parade it in this way to aware others.

In one incident, an unhappy owner of luxury car BMW X1 has shown his frustration in a similar way.

Two unsatisfied owners once towed their Mercedes-Benz E-Class and Jaguar XF with donkeys in protest.

Even the extremely trustworthy Toyota brand could not avoid the brunt of the owners and was also part of a similar parade when the owner made donkeys pull his Toyota Land Cruiser.


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