Driving License New Rules 2022- State Issues Parameters For Private Driving Schools to Gain State Accreditation

Driving license test

If you are a learning driver and about to apply for your permanent license there is good news for you. Now a prospective driver wouldn’t have to stand as well as wait in RTO’S to get a license, government has plans for newer guidelines that would streamline the system for better.

The Government has changed the requirements for obtaining a Drivers License. A driving test at the RTO is no longer required to obtain a driving license; the new rules would also allow the benefit off exempting people form waiting lists at RTO’S

Driving license New Rules.

The Driving License New Rules 2022 goes into effect on July 1, allowing only private driving centers to be operated, either by the state transport authority or the central government. These training centers are valid for a period of five years. Then you must renew with the government. The government’s action may result in a separate industry of private training school.

According to Department of Roads and Transport regulations, anyone who has passed driving exam at a state-accredited driving training center is exempt from taking the driving test at the RTO when applying for a driver’s license. This means you won’t have to take the RTO driving test. The private driver training center certificate is the only basis for your driver’s license.

State Accredited Driving Schools

Every five years, the institute must renew its accreditation. To strengthen the training process, the driving institute obtains affiliation or accreditation from the State transport board.

These steps by the government would be a substantial move to better the quality of traffic on the roads, it would help people learn better and streamline the whole process of getting licenses. This new approach would also help in eradicating the bureaucracies that shroud regional transport authorities. Better drivers would mean fewer accidents. A private driving school would only get state accreditation once these checks and analysis have been made by the government.

Rules to gain State Accreditation

For two and four-wheeler training centers, a minimum of one acre of land should be available. Two acres of land should be available for heavy vehicle training.

  • There should be a simulator and a test track.
  • The trainer should have a high school diploma and at least five years of driving experience.
  • The center should have information technology and a bio-metric system.
  • Should conduct high-quality driving track tests in accordance with the transport authority’s curriculum.
  • Light vehicle training will last 29 hours and must be completed within four weeks of beginning. It will be divided into two sections: theory and practice. Theory takes 8 hours and practical driving takes 21 hours.
  • The training duration for medium and heavy motor vehicles will be 38 hours and must be completed within 6 weeks of starting. Theory classes are 8 hours long, and practical classes are 31 hours long.

While these new steps might help streamlining a new more effective system for getting licenses, it might bring in new opportunities for brokers as well as middle man. The government would have to pay keen attention to its establishment in the most prudent manner.

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