Explained: Why Ford decided to quit India and who would benefit from the move?

Image credits: FORD

New Delhi: India’s latest automobile brand Ford called out quit. The company has announced that it will quit local manufacturing and only sell high-end models in India through the import route. This came as a shocker for buyers and good news for the competitors.

As per reports, Ford wasn’t able to understand the Indian market properly and the product strategy too was not correct. If we talk about the car market small cars have ruled the Indian market. While Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai is doing well in the market for years.  However, Ford or General Motors failed to do so.

Ford failed to look at the Indian market but considered it more like the US prism. Whereas, India is obsessed with the mileage of vehicles. But Ford focuses on engine power and performance. The other car brands, on the other hand, served the needs of the consumers.


The brand also lacked in varieties in models that affected the brand’s performance. While other car brands continued to introduce new models, focusing on the buyer’s need. Ford focused on Ikon for a long time. It later brought models like Figo, Fusion, Aspire, EcoSport, Endeavour, and Freestyle. But it was late already and Ford was lagging behind in the race.

Who will benefit?

Ford India has never been a major player in cars in the Indian market and its absence will hardly affect anything. However, Ford offers two popular models in the utility vehicle segment – EcoSport and Endeavour.

If we talk about competitors Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, and Tata Motors have been majorly focusing on the UV segment for the last couple of years. Kia too has changed the game with its popular models such as Seltos and Sonet.

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