Ford C-SUV likely to be based on Territory

Ford C-SUV likely to be based on Territory

American automaker Ford is likely to develop its C-SUV on a Ford platform. This platform may resemble the size and spec of the chassis used by the new XUV700.

It comes hours after the end of the joint venture between Ford and Mahindra. According to the reports, the design of the 7-seater SUV will be based on Ford Territory, developed by Pininfarina.

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Ford Territory

Ford Territory which was launched in late 2018 in the Chinese market bases itself on the same platform, which the American automaker shares with Chinese carmaker JMC or Jiangling Motor Corporation.

The platform is developed at a lower cost base. The automaker took help from its R&D center in Australia to maintain the standard.

Ford C-SUV platform

The territory platform offers a similar 2,716 mm wheelbase as Mahindra’s W601 does. The similarity in the size of this 7-seater SUV also reduces the possibility of alterations to the Pininfarina design down to a minimum.

Notably, Ford has recently launched the improved version of the Territory. It could be helpful if its system and technology are shared with the 7-seater SUV. Ford has chosen the JMC-based platform which is likely to make it more cost-competitive than one from Mahindra.


Pininfarina has designed the Ford CX757 in Turin. Pininfarina is famous for its works. It is one of the most trusted and respected design studios in the world. According to the report, it has given its best in Ford’s C-SUV for India.


Ford manufactures 2.0 EcoBlue diesel engines in India, from where it exports its motors to many other markets across the world. Also known as Panther, the engine power the Endeavour in India.

Ford could install this engine under the hood of C-SUV after spinning it around. Front-wheel drive cars Mondeo and Edge are already using it. The company has a facility in Sanand, Gujarat, where it assembles many engines. It can also assemble its 1.5 EcoBoost engine at the same facility.

Feature and Technology

Ford has an opportunity to borrow many things from Territory’s interior, which displays light colours faux wood panels, and chrome highlights in the market like China. The 7-seater SUV would not need electronic rework because it already has the 10.1-inch Sync Touch System in it.

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