Hero Electric Photon Caught Fire , Hero Blames Wiring at Buyers House

Hero EV sccoter caught Fire

Electric two wheelers have been the subject of headlines far too long for all the wrong reasons, and it seems there would not be any change any time soon  as this time around a Hero electric Photon has caught Fire in Odisha. Although this is the first time an EV from hero has caught fire until now Ev’s from Okinawa as well as Pure and Ola caught fire .

The Accident has been reported from Odisha , where the scooter caught fire as it was being charged over night, Hero officials stated a short circuit in the house electronics as the possible reason. The customer of the Hero Electric Photon has explained how this incident took place. After keeping his scooter on charge overnight, he heard abnormal cracking sounds. He then came to know that fumes were coming from the electric switchboard, where the scooter was kept on charge. When he reached the spot to switch off the mains, the scooter had already burnt from the rear, around the spot where the battery is placed in it.

A spokesperson from Hero Electric has responded by saying that a possible root cause of this unfortunate incident is the earth wires of the home and AC phase coming into contact with each other, which might have resulted in short-circuiting. He also added that Hero Electric has offered all the possible help to the customer for the replacement of the damaged parts on a cost basis while testing his scooter for road worthiness.

The Hero Electric Photon is one of the highest-selling models from Hero Electric, The Photon gets a 1.9 kWh lithium-ion battery, which offers a maximum riding range of 90 km and claims a top speed of 45 km/h. this accident has inadvertently fueled a raging war against the safety concerns of  Ev scooters , with government now taking strict actions as the probe in EV fires revealed faltering battery  designs as the reason for battery to combust.In the recent few month EV scooters from Jitendra EV as well as Boom electric Pure EV and Ola S1 Pro have caught fire instilling serious frame regarding Ev mobility in the minds of the people.

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