Hero HF Deluxe Mileage King 80 km + Mileage

Hf Deluxe best affoardable bike withbest in calss milage
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Rising Petrol prices worry us all , with daily commutes turning expensive people are in ardent  search for vehicle that would allow everyday riders to cut the fuel costs . One Vehicle which has been famous for conserving fuel in the long runs has been the Hero HF deluxe , the bike sells like hot cakes in INDIA and if your are someone who requires a robust engine which is low maintenance and would never trouble you, this might be the best bet.

Engine Specifications


The HF deluxe has a 97.2 cc  air cooled  Four stroke engine which produces about  8.02 Ps and 8.05 NM of torque with a 4 speed transmission as well as a fuel injection system and an X sense system which modulates the fuel supply on the go according to the riding style and the incline and declines in the road. The bike comes with a 9.6 litre fuel tank as well.the bike has a fully covered chain so chain maintenance would remain to be bare minimum.


The bike offers good range all through out its mid as well as low end , while there isn’t much power on offer in the high end of the revs  as expected from a small motor this size. The bike has integrated braking systems which allow it to quickly shed its speed,the bike has drum brakes in front as well .The bike’s qualities are complemented by the quality services hero provides as they are easy on the pocket as well as easily and widely available, If you are someone who wants a bike and to use it everyday for a long time this probably is made for you.

And even after being used in an extensive manner the bike would provide you a good resale value as its available on every nook and corner of the Indian market .so if you plan on to save fuel costs and buy a bike that would practically solve all your concerns about the rising costs of petrol ,Hf deluxe is build for you.

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