Honda City Vs Toyota Corolla Drag Race, Shocking Results (Video)

Drag Race, Toyota VS HOnda City

What would happen in Drag race in which two of the most profound cars of a segment were pitted together Honda City and the Toyota Corolla 1.8. Well to find out Ygya Sharma conducted another race and the results were shocking. YouTube has given people a brilliant platform to express and be innovative and experiments like these are an example of that. YouTube is now filled with automotive content and there are millions of such videos where people have taken vehicle testing in their own hands.

Engine Specifications

The participants of the race both Hail from the same segment The Honda City is powered by a 1437cc 4 cylinder SOHC 16 valve engine which produces about 119 and 121 if 5th BHP if 5th  gen and produces 145NM torque .While the Toyota corolla produces about  125BHp from a1.8 Liter 4 cylinder engine and max torque of about 158 [email protected] 4200rpm.  Of course on paper there is no way the Honda city can run past the Corolla ,But in real life what would be the results.

The Race

A considerable amounts of drag races as well as a rolling race was conducted , but the city won all of them, for a short while in between the races in a run The Corolla won the race but that was due to the extra passenger in the cabin of City. As soon as the weight was equalized the City won again, and it wasn’t close win as well in a run city achieved about a few car lengths worth of difference . the reason for such a victory was that the corolla had a automatic gearbox which aren’t as quick as the Manual. By the time the automatic adjusted according to the power need the Honda City went past the corolla.

Safety precautions

Although the car were owned privately by the participants its not advisable to conduct such races on public roads. the danger of there being accidents always looms close . Also if proved as this video once published can ,that the owner was in a pursuit of testing the top speed or trying to do a timed run in-case of an accident the insurers might turn hesitant to help. 

Be safe and ensure others safety as well first.

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