Hyundai Introduces IONIQ-5 Based Self Driving Taxi, A Step Towards Autonomous Mobility (Video)

Hyundai IONIQ 5

Hyundai seems to be taking no pit stops until it brings to us the vehicle of future, recently Hyundai Partnered with Motional released a Robotaxi concept which is a self driving Taxi concept showcased to help people. The IONIQ 5 show cased in the feature video has proximity sensors propping out of the front, top and sides to help the car drive safely along the route. The car has smart tech features that help it in case of detours as well as while driving its passengers around.

Since the car depends upon its sensors to drive around, Hyundai has built an integral inbuilt system that helps the car in keeping its sensors clean by spewing water at them. The car also has connected tech that reminds you if you leave something behind in your car, named possession alarm by Hyundai. Hyundai and Motional have developed this IONIQ 5 based Robotaxi together , it would be a treat to see it on the roads in real life if possible.

IONIQ 5 India Bound

Hyundai IONIQ 5 is all set to get to our shores , but the car has already brought the market to a standstill in the global spectrum. The car would be a bastion of starting the reign of Hyundai’s electric Vehicle range in India , although it would be a lot more expensive than the affordable products we like as Indians. The product is being brought to India to become the face of the EV movement the brand (Hyundai) is about to trod onto.

Self Driving Taxi

Based On E-GMP Platform

The IONIQ 5 EV is one of the models the brand has planned to bring to the market, Hyundai’s IONIQ  5 EV is build on Hyundai’s skateboard platform the E-GMP(Electric Global Modular Platform) a platform which would allow the automaker to bring EV vehicles in different segments based on the same Underpinnings.

Sustainable inside out

The IONIQ  5 EV is not only sustainable because its electric, even its interior uses materials that are sustainable as well as least harmful for the environment. The quote from Hyundai being that the car is a testimony for sustainability by Hyundai global.

Variants Available

The Hyundai IONIQ 5 is available in both AWD and 2wd variants. The AWD variant gets twin electric motors powering both the axels. It generates about 350hp of power and 605 NM of torque. The 2 WD and AWD variants of the EV are claimed to be able to run about 451 and 430 km’s respectively on a single full charge .

Unsoo Kim Md and Ceo of the company said that the company is focusing very strongly electric mobility across its business and product range for a progressive and sustainable future. Hyundai is proud to receive the world car of the year award for the IONIQ 5 the CEO further added how the award is a testament to their vision and efforts in driving the adoption of the Bev’s globally .

Expected range and battery pack options for India

The new IONIQ 5 is available with two battery packs in the international markets. There is a large 72.6 kWh battery pack and a smaller 58 kWh battery pack. While the car is yet to be tested by Indian authorities, according to the WLTP cycle, the bigger battery pack can return 481 km of range while the smaller battery pack can drive the car for up to 383 km.

The IONIQ 5 also gets a unique 800V battery technology. The system allows the battery to charge quickly. This means in just 18 minutes, the IONIQ5’s battery can go from 10 percent to 80 percent using a 220 kW DC charger.

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