Hyundai IONIQ 5: Can It Do Long Trips? How Long Does A Single Charge Last? Check Out Details (Video)


Hyundai has announced officially that they are on the bounds of launching the IONIQ-5 EV in India in 2022. This is a small integral part of the grand expansion the company aims for in electric vehicles in the country. The IONIQ-5 to be the second electronic car in the Hyundai’s portfolio first being the Kona which is already in business. Hyundai’s plans to bring the car to the Indian market coincide with their global movement towards producing more EV products. But the car being already sold in the UK it was tested recently by the Fifth gear team .

You can consider the Fifth Gear YouTube channel to be a gold standard in car reviews and automotive news so their stamp of approval is a merit for the Hyundai IONIQ 5, but the trip they did was so easy because the EV infrastructure in United kingdom is well developed compared to the infrastructure in India, so should you spend the hefty amount on a Hyundai IONIQ 5 or not you decide.

New Electric Skate Board Platform

Hyundai has already announced plans to expand to 6 Fully EV vehicles In their model range by the year 2028. The IONIQ-5 EV is one of the models the brand has planned to bring to the market, Hyundai’s IONIQ- 5 EV is build on Hyundai’s skateboard platform the E-GMP(Electric Global Modular Platform) a platform which would allow the automaker to bring EV vehicles in different segments based on the same Underpinnings.

Hyundai IONIQ 5, Sustainable inside out

The IONIQ -5 EV is not only sustainable because its electric, even its interior uses materials that are sustainable as well as least harmful for the environment. The quote from Hyundai being that the car is a testimony for sustainability by Hyundai global.

Variants Available

The Hyundai IONIQ- 5 is available in both AWD and 2wd variants. The AWD variant gets twin electric motors powering both the axels. It generates about 350hp of power and 605 NM of torque. The 2 WD 217 hp 350nm and AWD variants of the EV are claimed to be able to run about 451 and 430 km’s respectively on a single full charge .

Unsoo Kim Md and Ceo of the company said that the company is focusing very strongly electric mobility across its business and product range for a progressive and sustainable future. Hyundai is proud to receive the world car of the year award for the IONIQ 5 the CEO further added how the award is a testament to their vision and efforts in driving the adoption of the Bev’s globally .

Expected range and battery pack options

The new IONIQ-5 is available with two battery packs in the international markets. There is a large 72.6 kWh battery pack and a smaller 58 kWh battery pack. While the car is yet to be tested by Indian authorities, according to the WLTP cycle, the bigger battery pack can return 481 km of range while the smaller battery pack can drive the car for up to 383 km.

The IONIQ-5 also gets a unique 800V battery technology. The system allows the battery to charge quickly. This means in just 18 minutes, the IONIQ5’s battery can go from 10 percent to 80 percent using a 220 kW DC charger.

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