Hyundai Verna 1.5 VS Maruti Suzuki Swift 1.2 Drag Race: Shocking Results (Video)

Drag Race Verna Vs Swift

Youtube in the recent times has been a hub for like mind people to communicate through and express themselves. Auto enthusiast community over the internet keeps on experimenting with cars and another such video trended again, when Yagya Sharma pitted a new gen swift against Hyundai Verna. Both the cars were petrol and ready to race.

Yagya Sharma has been a venerable name when it comes to proving cars worth, he keeps on uploading such videos where cars go head to head to prove their worth. The race was conducted in 3 rounds once with the ac on then a switched on the swift and then the Hyundai Verna was given fair advantage by seating 2 passengers in the Suzuki swift.


The swift is powered by a 1.2 liter 4cylinder engine produces a max BHP of about [email protected] 6000 Rpm and peak torque of 113 Nm @4400 rpm. While the Hyundai Verna is also powered by a 1.5 liter engine producing 113 BHP @6300 rpm and 144 Nm of torque @4500 Rpm. The Hyundai Verna has the advantage in terms of number, let’s see how both cars will perform.

The Race

In the video there wasn’t a  run in which Swift didn’t prove to be a superior and faster car. In every run the swift took an advantage of couple of seconds. Even when the air conditioning in the Swift was switched on the car flew past Hyundai Verna like a rocket.

Reason for the win

The Utter Reason why the swift always left the Verna behind even after being under powered was that of Power to weight ratio. While the Verna might have more power but it weighs more. at the same time the swift any where in-between 875-905 kg . Now even though Verna the has more power it loses because of being heavy and having a slow automatic transmission . While the swift even after being under powered can stretch its legs further.

Safety precautions

Although the car were owned privately by the participants its not advisable to conduct such races on public roads. The danger of there being accidents always looms close . Also if proved as this video once published can, that the owner was in a pursuit of testing the top speed or trying to do a timed run in case of an accident the insurers might turn hesitant to help. 

Be safe and ensure others safety as well first.

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