Hyundai Verna Turbo VS Honda City Drag Race, i-VTEC VS Turbo

Honda City VS Hyundai Verna DRag RACE
source - HONDA

Another special video off YouTube pits two cars in the same segment against each other. Honda City i-VETC VS the Verna turbo the drag race done by Yagya Sharma is a valid race that would show case how much difference can there be in turbo charged cars.

Engine Specifications

The Honda City is powered by a  1.5 litre engine which produces about 97.89 BHP @3600RPM and about 200 NM of peak torque @ 1750 RPM. And Verna produces about 118bhp and 172 NM of torque. There should have been a really close race but the race and its conclusion shocked us.  The Honda City has a manual gear box while the Verna only has an automatic gearbox.

The Race

While in race the Verna wasn’t able to match the Honda City’s pace , even while getting off the line the Verna wasn’t able to match the Honda City. Nothing Verna did ever took it even minutely close to the Honda City. When the Verna was shifted to Sport mode and was given advantage by seating more people in the Honda City even then it lost. The Verna lacks initial pickup while the city is able to produce its peak torque at only 1750 RPM, gaining advantage in getting off the line.

It’s possible that the Verna’s engine might be detuned by the manufacturer itself or have slightly lower rev range or it’s possible that the difference in the gearboxes is what led to the Verna loosing. Being a simple automatic it isn’t as quick to get off the line a normal manual’s  are.

Safety precautions

Although the car were owned privately by the participants it’s not advisable to conduct such races on public roads. the danger of there being accidents always looms close . Also if proved as this video once published can ,that the owner was in a pursuit of testing the top speed or trying to do a timed run in case of an accident the insurers might turn hesitant to help. 

Be safe and ensure others safety as well first.

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