If Major Fires, Thunderstorms Or Earthquakes Damage Your Car, Here Is How To Get Your Vehicles Worth Back

several vehicles in delhi jamia nagar parking catch fire
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A major fire of diabolical proportions or a Thunderstorm or relentless winds. might leave your vehicle damaged in the aftermath of the accident. In case of fire its possible that hundreds of vehicles burn to mere rubble while some get partially damaged. In case of thunderstorms its possible that trees might break and damage the cars.

As according to ANI about 80 electric rickshaws as well as 10 cars and two wheeler’s were burned beyond recognition in a rampant fire recently that spread across at jamia Nagar Ev parking ANI also reported no casualties as of now. The question is how would you raise a claim against your insurance once your vehicle suffers such an accident.

Delhi fire department commissioned 11 fire tenders to tackle the fire. The fire was brought under control later on after the fire control team fought an arduous battle with it. As according to primary reports some vehicles were burnt beyond recognition. in such cases how would you showcase total loss against your vehicle.

What can one do in such a case? What should you do if you car was involved in such a fire.

Well to insure safety in such disasters always make sure you buy a comprehensive insurance policy rather than a third party only insurance policy which are cheap. Mostly all comprehensive policies cover natural disasters as well as man made disasters . A third party only insurance policy might seem cheap at first and would help you save up money but in the long run it could be fatal in case your vehicle goes through a natural disaster.

How to raise a claim in case of a disaster?

  • First of all collect all the evidence possible in such a case in form of pictures videos from all the angles, make sure every panel of the car is covered while taking photographs. Collect published articles about the disaster.
  • Do not move the car or temper with it once the accident has taken place, not down the time as well as the date at which the accident took place,
  • Connect with your insurer and inform them about the damages caused due to the disaster.
  • The Insurer would designate a surveyor who would evaluate the damages done to your car and  work out a report about he damages which would then be submitted to the insurer , after which your claim would be approved.
  • The insurer would get your car towed to the garage and you would have to submit all the necessary documents as according to the claim process prescribed by your insurer.
  • Once your car has been repaired you can get the car back from the Garage.
  • In case of cash less claim settlement the repair bill would be directly paid by the insurer.
  • In Case of a reimbursement claim settlement process, the owner would have to pay the repair bill and submit the repair bill as well as the payment receipts to Your car insurer after which your insurer would verify the document and pay you the claim amount.

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