Jeep Wrangler Topples Over In International Crash Test, Scores A Marginal Rating

Mahindra Jeep Wrangler

The 2022 jeep wrangler was tested in a collision test by the Insurance Institute IIHS, even after the manufacturer behind the car (Stellantis Group) alleged that the car has gone through considerable changes to resist its quality to topple over to one side in case of  crash. But The car still rolled on to its side like it did the last time. The SUV rolled after striking the barrier hard in the driver side small overlap protection crash test. Although the car performed well as it minimized the trauma driver suffered through its roll cage and restraints.

Score For The Car

The car was given a marginal score for its safety quotient which is the second lowest possible result. The IIHS noted that a vehicle tipping over onto its side presents additional risks of injury to occupants that its test isn’t necessarily equipped to measure for, in part, because it only has one dummy in the vehicle for this particular crash test. In addition, a vehicle rolling also increases the risk of an occupant being ejected from the vehicle. That’s especially a concern in the Jeep Wrangler because it has removable doors and roof sections.

The car presents a a venerable danger to the drivers left leg and foot, it was also noted that the combination head and torso protecting air bag didn’t deploy while crashing. The results of the test are remarkably similar to the 2019 results when the car had shown similar tendencies to roll over. Stellantis group has informed that they are trying their best to solve the issue as soon as possible.

If these details weren’t enough to embarrass such a reputed brand their 2018 score in which their car performed better would be. The rating is required for the car to be demarcated as safe or not to further help the buying decision of the consumers.

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