KIA Carens Global NCAP Crash Test Reveals These Details, Improvement Over Seltos ?

KIA Crens Crash Test

KIA Carens a car which aims to unsettle the lead already gained by other rivals in the segment, while the car if fully packed with features its safety rating would become  a major element in deciding its fate against its competitors. The car has been equipped profoundly by KIA as it provides six airbags as well as other safety features . The car crash tested was in its most basic form it has all the safety features that come in standard as it was the base variant .The car had six airbags, ESC, seatbelt pretensioners, ABS, all wheel disc brakes, brake assist system and TPMS.

Carens Safety Score

The Carens scored a total of 9.30 points out of a possible 17 in adult occupant protection. Global NCAP’s report states that on impact, the Carens’ structure and footwell area were both ‘unstable’, and that the bodyshell was not capable of ‘withstanding further loadings’.

Head and neck protection for both adult crash test dummies were noted as good, however, driver’s chest protection was rated marginal. Front occupant knee protection was also marginal, thanks to potential impact with ‘dangerous structures behind the dashboard’.

Child Occupancy Score

In terms of child occupant protection, the Kia Carens scored a total of 30.99 out of 49 points. The Carens gets ISOFIX mounting points, and child restraint systems were also in place and well-marked. The car offered limited protection the  three-year-old sat in a forward-facing child seat, although it was rated good for the dummy of a 1.5-year-old sat in rear facing child seats. The Carens, however, gets a lap belt for the rear centre seat, thus lost some crucial points there.

Front Cabin Crumble

As the tested model came fitted with two side body and head protection airbags, the Carens was also subjected to side impact test, which it duly passed. KIA Carens has improved upon its score against the KIA Seltos , the car has been based on a similar platform the Carens has 9.30 points in adult occupant protection as opposed to the Seltos’ 8.03 points. One of the most bizarre features seen in the crash was that of the front driver side frame being crunched to cange shape . with modern cars such deformation of the cabin was limited while the Carens showcases it . why  this happened is something of a Mystery Itself.

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