KIA EV-6 Drag Races Against Ferrari ,Porsche And Lamborghini, Who would Win?

KIa ev 6 drag race against super cars

There has been a severe speculation regarding the KIA EV-6 in the market for sometime. But now KIA seems to have cleared all the ambiguities themselves As they today launched a new teaser of the EV-6 ,The teaser showcases the KIA EV-6 in a drag race setting against the likes of Mclaren 570s, porsche 911 Targa, Ferrari California T, Mercedes AMG GT and a Lamborghini Urus.

Specifications of the Cars

All these cars have internal combustion engines unlike the electric drivetrain of the KIA EV-6 and are way more expensive. The Mclaren is powered by a 3.8 litre twin Turbocharged engine which produces close to 570 HP and 600nm peak torque, The Porsche is powered by a 6 cylinder engine which produces about 443 HP with a peak torque of 550NM, Ferrari is powered by a v8 which produces 553 bhp and a peak torque of 755NM, the Mercedes AMG gt is powered by a twin turbo V8 which produces 576 hp and a peak torque of about 700NM and the Lamborghini Urus is powered by a V8 engine and  it produces 641 BHP and 850NM torque. All the figures are way above than what the kIA EV 6 produces .

As soon as the race starts the KIA EV-6 leaps off the line in an instant , being an electric car it can deliver all its torque at once , the KIA gains a formidable lead when the Mclaren starts to gather its lead away .as soon as the Mclaren starts to perform in its power band it starts to eat away the lead KIA has, and at the end the Mclaren wins by a short margin.

As of now it isn’t clear which variant KIA would bring to the market but as it seems since the vehicle in the Indian teasers have been a GT version it would be in GT trim.There have been leaked brochures but KIA itself has not announced anything. Only the single fully loaded variant which is in sale in the foreign market would make it to India as well. The car has already been spotted several times in Hyderabad and other places as well.

Earlier teaser revealed the Interior

KIa EV 6 interior

The Earlier teaser also showcases how the EV-6 would get green accents all over the interior, with ambient lighting following right through the air conditioning vents to the doors of the car. The teaser also showcased the KIA Ev-6’s dual screen instrument panel as well as the infotainment display . The teaser also showcased a GT line badge on the dash as well as the registration plate read EV-6 GT , is KIA bringing the GT line EV-6 to India only time would tell. KIA also gave an disclaimer saying that the vehicle showcased is a pre-production model and the production spec model might be different.

Kia EV 6

The EV-6 to be first electric car from KIA to launch in India. The manufacturer announced that they will launch7 electric vehicles in India by 2027. Recently, they also announced a small affordable electric vehicle which could be the electric version of the Sonet compact SUV which we reported about earlier. This is because the Sonet is currently the most affordable vehicle that KIA offers in our country, also KIA understands that a product like the EV-6 would never become a mass product due to its high cost . It would only be a variant that would attract attention to bring people to the more affordable compact SUV EV’S KIA might bring in the market.

E-gmp platform

The EV-6 is based on the e-GMP platform which stands for Electric Modular Global platform, the platform in its most basic form resembles a skateboard where the wheels are in all the four farther corners and the middle floor is used to store batteries which provides the car with low centre of gravity as well. And since there is no transmission tunnel because the car has been developed as an EV passengers get more space in the cabin.

Unique Design

The EV- 6 has gained so much attention in the past few months because of its dynamic design . While KIA has designed the car keeping the opposites united design language in mid the car simply looks phenomenal. Its slanted roof line as well as the aggressive posture and its ability to sit lower than the IONIQ 5 is well is way beyond belief. This probably is the reason KIA EV-6 manages better driving range than the IONIQ 5.

The international market version of the EV6 is sold as an all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive powertrain. There are two battery packs on offer, a 58 kWh one and a 77.4 kWh one. The rear-wheel drive 58 kWh battery pack has a WLTP-rated driving range of 400 km. The all-wheel drive 77.4 kWh battery pack has a driving range of around 510 km.

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