KIA EV 9 Spotted Testing Under Heavy Camouflage, Checkout Details

While KIA is prepping the Indian market for its newest launch the EV 6, The Koreans would get the EV 9 a bigger flagship than the EV 6. The full sized electric SUV would be a flagship for the company once officially landed first in the Korean market but as of now the car was spotted testing under heavy camouflage , but a vista of its exterior dynamics as well as the interior has surfaced over the internet.

Spotted testing in a video

In a recent video by a South Korean Channel on YouTube called Goodman TV , the camouflaged KIA EV 9 is seen under wraps. But what KIA cant keep under wraps are its huge proportions which make it larger than the likes of KIA Seltos . The car is completely different then the KIA EV 6 with a more spacious cabin as well as a bigger exterior.The EV 9 according to certain reports would offer the best space possible with there being a huge amount of space for passengers in the third a swell as on the second row.

Expected Range

Reports also present that the car would offer a range better than that of the KIA EV which would be somewhere about 540KM’s.The car would arrive in the market with better fast charging options than the KIA EV 6. Exact details would be made available as soon as the car arrives in the market or KIA itself announces it imminent arrival.

Would it come to India

As of now the reports suggest that KIA EV 9 would probably be launched in the market by 2023 and would go on sale in United States as well as South Korea right after its launch . would it ever come to India only time would tell. The car would be successor the EV 6 which has already surpassed a lot of vehicles in terms of performance as well as quality on offer. KIA would have to up the ante otherwise the car would just become a bigger cousin to the EV 6

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