Komaki Electric Cruiser bike , Goes 180Km’s On a Single Charge, Best In Budget

Komaki ranger bike

Ever thought of buying a cruiser but feared the sky rocketing price of motor bikes, afraid of the dismal fuel economy did you gave up on the dream of buying cruiser bike at a low price. Well the Komaki international electric cruiser bike would sure be the right choice for you. Komaki with their high-tech Research and development have developed a low costing Ranger electric cruiser bike which would enable you to travel a 180KM’s on a single charge.



The bike comes with a lot of top class features such as digital info cluster, silencers which make fake exhaust noise, a big bulky look and a top to down fairing. The bike is powered by a meek motor in the tire hub, which is powered by a battery that is placed right beneath the fuel tank. What resided in the fuel tank we have no idea.

Komaki electric Cruiser bike

Motor and battery

The bike is powered by a 4000 watt wheel hub motor as we have seen in multiple EV vehicles. But the battery even after being shrouded in plastic panels seems pretty exposed  from the top, the battery is 72 volt 50 AH, which gives about 180 km’s range on a single charge (as claimed). The bike even after being a budget friendly bike comes with three modes which allow different ranges to the bike. It wasn’t made clear in the video how the modes work but it seems that it alters the power being provided to the rear wheels.

There haven’t been a lot of videos about the brand and even we were not aware of it before doing the story. Amid the recent EV fire scare before buying an EV make sure that the vehicle is safe and has a well built battery. Only buy products that have been validly tested in the market, and have proved to be worth the price.

Although if you seriously are looking for a electric cruiser consider this bike after taking rigorous test drives as well as testing the range after charge.

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