LML all set to make a comeback with its first EV, would bring in loads of nostalgia!

LML all set to make a comeback with its first EV, would bring in loads of nostalgia!
Image credits: LML

LML, once a well-known name in the 2-wheeler market, is soon going to make a comeback with its first Electric Vehicle (EV). Now the company has officially made it clear that it will show the world a glimpse of its first electric vehicle product on September 29. It is worth noting that the company is going to enter the electric vehicle segment with an e-bike as well as a new category.

LML e-Bike

There were reports of LML entering the market with an e-bike, now the company’s head Yogesh Bhatia has said the LML will unveil its first product on September 29, according to a report in Aaj Tak. It will be an e-bike only, but it will be different from the one that will be available in India. This e-bike will be of European standard and will be like an electric hyperbike. Generally, e-bikes available in the market come with limited speed. Their top-speed range is between 25 to 45 kmph, but in an electric hyperbike, customers get more speed and range than an electric motorcycle.

Electric scooter will arrive later

Yogesh Bhatia, who acquired LML only last year, said that after bringing the first e-bike, the company will bring other electric 2-wheelers. Along with the e-bike, the company will also bring an electric scooter, which will be a commute vehicle. The company’s focus will be on exporting as well as producing products for the Indian market.

Image credits: LML

How much will the LML EV cost?

LML is going to unveil its first electric vehicle on September 29 and its price has not been disclosed yet. However, it is learnt that the LML EV will neither be too expensive nor too cheap. It can be estimated that its price is going to be around 1 lakh rupees. The biggest focus of the company is on reducing the charging time of the electric vehicle.

In April, LML Electric entered into an agreement with Germany’s eROCKIT AG. Both the companies had agreed to make ‘electric hyperbike’ in a joint venture. This hyperbike will actually be a unique mix of cycle and motorcycle. It will be an electric motorcycle that draws power from the pedals, in which one can pedal like a bicycle without any effort. At the same time, like an electric motorcycle, you will also be able to achieve high speed. It is expected that its speed will be up to 90 km per hour.

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