Mahindra Thar Gets Stuck in Sand, Thar’s Failure Or Owners Stupidity ?

THr agets stuck in sand

Mahindra Thar is one of the best offerings that the Indian market has ever seen in the of roading segment . The off-roading equipment’s it provides as well as the price at which it brings all the necessary elements of are well praised off. But Seldom does equipment replaces real skill as can be seen in the video that has recently surfaced over the Internet.

The video was by Sonia Hooda Youtube channel where a Thar gets stuck due to the stupidity of the owner who after getting stuck in the worst condition keeps on revving her vehicle to drive it further into the sand. When the vehicle is fully beached she finally calls for help from the locals who she previously in the video shooed away with an air of emphatic esteem.

The local who came to help her had minimal equipment and on every try kept on breaking his meek tow line. Well further on, a few more of the locals came together to help the vehicle out of the sand. The owner made several mistakes that can be fatal if you ever drive on sand dunes. First and foremost carry first aid and consumables with you and a lot of water. Second if the terrain you are driving on is alien to you don’t be over confidant and take risks. Third in case of sand even in a mild stuck up get out of the vehicle and inspect before revving the vehicle like the owner did, revving would only make the matters worse or if it’s a mild depression try to power out of it while in motion. .

Locals came forward for help

The help that came forward tried clearing sand in front of the wheels. This did not help at all as the body of the Thar was still resting on the sand. The person, who is also looks like a local mentioned that the SUV might not have got stuck, if the vlogger had not stopped after getting into the crater.

After some time and the meek tow rope breaking about 4 times , they called for another backup vehicle which had a thick rope in it. They tied the rope in front of the Mahindra Thar and it easily pulled the Thar out. Off-roading or dune bashing is a adventure activity which involves risk. It is always good to have a back up vehicle and recovery equipment in the car while driving to such places.

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