Mahindra To Reveal Its Born Electric SUV Concepts on August 15 This Year

Mahindra Born Electric ev concepts to be revealed soon

Mahindra as a brand has brought products to the Indian market that have resonated well with consumers and have achieved high demands, their newest addition the Ace XUV 700 is still in high demand and now has a waiting period of about a year against it. But even while enjoying the success of its conventional vehicles the brand is ready for its major EV move which would help its level against rival brands which already have brought in consumer EV’s in the market.

The brand recently announced that it would take the cover off its electric range concepts on 15of August 2022.The event would take place at the brands design studio in Oxfordshire in United Kingdom which has been the primal force behind these new Ev designs the brand is about to showcase.

Teasers Released

Mahindra has been ardent in bringing in a fervent tremor of desire for their ev’s and they have set about achieving the goal through commercial teasers of the EV concepts in February they launched a teasers showcasing the silhouettes of the cars later on they released another teaser which presented the interior of the car. The models get distinctive C-shaped LED signatures at the front and rear, with each model having a slight variation. Mahindra revealed a minimalist theme for all three models, along with a dual-screen set-up for instrumentation and infotainment duties coupled with a rotary dial in the center console. 

Concept Variants

The cars to be launched in EV guise would be a compact SUV , midsize SUV as well as a SUV coupe. The cars are being brought under the moniker Born Electric which leads us to believe that the cars would be complete Ev’s build from the ground up rather than conventional vehicles turned into electric according to the Autocar media report the SUV coupe could be brought as the new XUV 900 Coupe and sit along its famed sibling the XUV 700. The smallest of them all would be a compact vehicle which would attract a lot of sales if paced right and priced accordingly. Mahindra has also been working on a XUV 400 electric version which would be launched later sometime in the year.

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