Mahindra XUV 700 Wins GNCAP Safer Choice Car Award,Could It Be The Safest Indian SUV?

Mhindra XUV 700 Wins Safer Choice Car Aaward

Mahindra has followed TATA’S foot steps of to provide their cars with superior safety ratings, But the manufacturer might have just bagged another accolade to pin to its honors. Recently as according to a report published by  GNCAP, XUV 700 has won the Safer Choice Car Award. The accolade is a big deal and would provide the car a fair advantage over its competitors in the segment. Plus it’s a act of Honor for us critics as well as a manufacturer has finally risen to the  global safety rating.

In November 2021 the XUV 700 was rated with five stars for adult occupant protection and four stars for child occupant protection. It had one of the highest combined occupant safety ratings of any car tested in the #SaferCarsForInidaCampaign. It’s a matter of profound trust in the engineering as well as the the design of the vehicle that Mahindra Voluntarily submitted The XUV 700 for further testing. Further the car met both pedestrian protection requirements as well as the ESC requirements which is to become the norm in Indian as well for GNCAP Testing.

Cars Performance

GNCAP platform also released the video of the tests conducted and it would be vital to point out that the car performed profoundly in the roll over test, and ran placid and composed even under extreme steering lock change under stress. Plus on the pedestrian test the whole bumper of the car deformed to absorb the energy and minimize injury under impact upon the bonnet. In the front as well the while front fascia of the car compressed under sudden impact to minimize injury to the dummy pedestrian.

Its an matter of honor for the brand as well as the Indian Automotive industry that a car has been awarded a safer choice award , rather than considering it a chance happening the whole automotive industry should clamor upon and aim for such goals.

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