Make Your Car Monsoon Ready, Follow These Tips

Monsoon Tips

As the scorching heat of summers is about to extend a gratuitous good bye and Monsoon stands on the onset of it arrival we thought it would be the best time to provide our readers with some of the best tip s to prevent wear and tear as well as driving accidents during Monsoons. Although with the improving road construction as well as maintenance the general health of the road infrastructure as well as the no of accidents have decreased still here are  few elements that would help you ensure   safe drive in the coming Monsoon.

Tire Guide


The most integral part of your car unless you belong form the flinstone family. Tires help you in maintain a grip on the ground whether its wet or dry . With modern tech treads in tires have been designed in such ways that they channel out water on the road away from the contact patch of the tire providing the driver with the best grip possible. Always check your tire tread before a long trip in monsoons also take keen notice of the road conditions and aquaplaning. Most tires now come out of the factory with tread indicators, keep a keen eye on these as well while driving in Monsoon. If your tire treads are already on their way out plan new tires before the rainy season sprinkles its first squirt.

Battery Life

Car batteries are an essential part of the car electrical’s hence  always keep a eye on the battery performance specially in automatic cars as its harder to push start them in-case of a battery drain. If you drive  an automatic keeping a pair of  jumper cables in the rear wouldn’t go amiss. But as the Rainy season approaches keep a keen eye on your battery performance a minor drain can be solved by just driving the car for a short while without stopping and restarting the car regularly on high RPM’S. While if the battery is on it way out better change it up before you get stuck on the road side in the wet.

Electrical wiring

Rain also increases the cases of electric shorts, make sure the wiring in your car is completely intact without any loose ends. Check all the electric harness assembly’s for their connectors. Plus if you have a lot of after market work done in your car make sure you check their wiring as well and do not neglect any loose ends.

Brake Pads

Brake pads

While Brake pads are the most integral part of the braking system and often they are the most neglected. Pay keen attention to your brake pads and change them if they make a screeching sound under heavy braking or you feel vibrations while applying brakes in the brake pedal. Also make sure to refill your brake fluid in case its low and remove all the air from the system as efficiently as possible while inspecting for a smooth and firm break pedal feel.


Their shall be no doubt about the fact that you would need them in rain. pay keen attention to their health and change them when they fail to wipe of the muck of your wind shield or leave lines of rubber across it. The scorching heat from summers often causes them to go hard  changing them before the monsoon would be a investment that you would not regret .

ABS and Braking

While  driving in rain always  apply brakes progressively rather than in an abrupt fashion , ensure the distance between yours as well as the car in font is formidable in case the cars brake fail to stop the car in time. In case there is a fault in your ABS system get it rectified Asap as there wouldn’t be better opportunity for it to be of use.

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