Maruti Suzuki Baleno Pulled Back Towards The Mountains In Leh ladakh,What could be The Reason?(Video)

Baleno pulled back in teh magnetic hills

In the daily struggle of meeting deadlines and running in pursuits of results we quite rarely get to see the wonders of the Word as clearly as in this video. The mysteries of Leh ladkah aren’t resolved to contain themselves in the hills only, they are for the world to share. In the video the New generation Baleno when parked after crossing an incline roll backwards at about an engine of a 1000 rpm’s.

This is due to the magnetic fields naturally occurring in the surroundings of the hills in Ladakh . As shown in the video drivers are warned against it through warning signs. Any vehicle that is in the right proximity of the magnetic fields would be rolled back, or propelled if traveling in the same direction as that of the magnetic field.

Recently due to brilliant work by BRO the road network towards the hills have become profound and the traveling sprees uphill have increased as well . It is a nice thing since it helps the ecosystem of the hills survive and harness to a better, a more thriving economy if they pace the location to be a holiday destination.

The new facelift Baleno is powered by a dualjet 1.2 litre engine which produces 88 BHP and a peak torque of 113NM. The car has upgraded safety features as well with 4 airbags from the Zeta trim upwards. The car starts from 6.49 lakhs to about 9.71 lakh Rs ex-showroom. The car with its revised suspension dynamics would be thrill to drive in the hills. But always drive safely, in speed limits and be extra cautious while overtaking In the hills.

Always pay attention to signboards that reveal that there is a magnetic field and drive accordingly. Rash driving in the hills shall be prohibited at all costs.

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