Maruti Suzuki Jimny Five Door To Debut Next, Year Check Out Details

Maruti suzuki Jimny

There hasn’t been a car which has had the people anticipating like the Suzuki Jimny without any marketing or advertising spree, people have been interested in the product ever since it was first revealed in the 2020 Indian auto expo. The fourth generation of the Suzuki jimny has garnered great global attention with ace Auto journalists buying them because of their performance and looks. Indians had a heartfelt connection with the Suzuki Jeep , which was globally known as the Suzuki samurai and jimmy has always been thought of a as a replacement of the car. While Indians have been waiting for the car that actually is assembled right here in India and shipped abroad, recent media reports reveal when it just might hit the Indian shores.

Jimny to arrive in the first quarter of 2023

According to one of the sources that spoke to ET auto , Maruti has set a new deadline to launch the Jimny in the Indian market. The Jimny is set to arrive in the first quarter of the FY 2023-2024, the car could then probably enter the Indian market in the middle of the next calendar year. While Maruti Suzuki is already manufacturing the three-door Jimny at its Gurgaon facility for export markets, the Indian car market might receive the five-door version as per ET auto.

The source also reported to ET auto about how the five-door version of Suzuki Jimny was going to hit the production floors in February 2023. However, the current situations of disruptions in supply chains and component supply constraints, especially that of semiconductors, have delayed the project by a couple of months. It is due to these reasons that the PP trial of the Jimny, which was about to begin in May 2022, has also been delayed to June end.

70% Localization in Production

Suzuki Jimny production is set  to achieve a 70% rate of localization in production which would be possible as Suzuki is already manufacturing a for door Jimny in the country. The company aims at producing 75,000 units of the car annually. The production of the 4 door version was started back in 2021 which was then exported all over the globe from India, however with competition like the Thar its vital Suzuki is taking time to perfect their offering and then bring it to the nation .the JImny sold in India would be 5 door version and would take a big hit on the Thar as a 5 door version of the Thar is no where in the books.

Source AutoCar

Globally, the three-door Suzuki Jimny is based on a ladder-on-frame chassis and gets a 1.5-litre four-cylinder naturally-aspirated petrol engine, low range transfer case, three-link rigid axle suspension and Suzuki’s All Grip Pro four-wheel-drive system. Just like the general reception faced by the car we also await its arrival.

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