Maserati MC-20 Cielo, The Coupe Drops Its Top To Look Even More Beautiful

Maserati mc 20

Maserati with an trident hailing its symbolic routes has always been a stalwart of Italian design and performance. And with launches like the MC-20 the company has provided a blend of their old school fluidic design with the tech of the day. Well as if the MC-20 itself wasn’t enough to take our breath away the Italian company has brought in a drop top version of the car as well which is sure  to grab all the attention as it arrives. The car  has been brought into the market almost after two years of the launch of the conventional MC 20.

Changes Done To the Convertible

Maserati has promised that they would bring in more special editions to peak the interest of its consumers of it being the Prima Serie Launch with only 60 units available for the consumers.the MC-20 Cielo weighs 60kg more than the conventional coupe ,but it seems to have gained all that weight in fancy design because the car looks absolutely beautiful. Maserati has payed special attention towards the rigidity of the chassis as in convertibles rigidity becomes an issue . Maserati has also used PLDC tech in the roof of the Cielo which provides it with the functionality of a open cabin feel as the roof is pure glass which can be turned opaque at the touch of a button. Maserati claims that this is the largest single piece galas roof in all its segment.

Maserati has made several integral changes to the coupe which makes it a completely different proposition than the conventional coupe. Maserati has arranges a new setup for the breathing vents at the rear. While Maserati has worked hard retain the Butterfly doors on the the convertible as well.

Engine Specs

Maserati has planned three variants of the MC-20 the first being the conventional coupe ,the second the Cielo convertible and the third an all out Ev which would soon enter the market.The Cielo draws power form the same 3.0 litre Nettuno V6 which sits under the trunk of the coupe as well.The engine is mated to a eight speed DCT which helps the engine churn out about 321 Hp of power with a peak torque figure of about 730NM. The MC 20 could do a top speed of about 320kph if the road conditions are favorable.

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