Muscular Dystrophy Patient Builds Mobility E-Scooters For Disabled, Establishes His Own Start Up

Mobility scooters for Disabled

Life is truly unpredictable, and perilous to the undetermined, but it’s the determined and hardworking folks that turn around every situation to their utmost benefit. Naidhroven a resident of Chennai is one of the most determined as well as optimistic person we have ever written about, Naidhroven who is an MBA just like quite a lot us planned to work in a corporate job , but rejected by employers he set about to help people with similar disabilities.

Naidhroven was diagnosed with progressive Muscular Dystrophy at birth , but determined to change his fate he never let his medical condition be barrier against his progress. He worked  his way through and MBA and to help the people who share similar problems.

He used to walk around 10 years ago but unfortunately in 2013, he met with an accident. Because of this, he dislocated his ankle and lost the ability to walk. This changed his lifestyle drastically as he was now forced to use a wheelchair at all times. Many companies did not hire him because of his disability. Another hit to Naidhroven but even this couldn’t stop him.

Established his own start up

However, he did not lose hope and started working on his own organization. It struck him that a lot of people are just like him and have difficulty in mobility. He designed a special scooter and launched his startup. His scooter has multiple range options. The riding range is between 60 km to 120 km which is enough for city commutes.  The user can decide how much range he/she wants.

Naidhroven attended a workshop at the Tamil Nadu state government’s Entrepreneurship Development Institute at Guindy. He got a grant of Rs. 25 lakhs which was the highest among anyone who was in the program. Moreover, he was also the youngest in the program.

Time it took to achieve the feat

It took Naidhroven 2 years to design the scooter , the time taken was probably due to working under a government scheme, in which the Prototype had to go through a lot of checks, clearances and audits. All of this was done by state officials that ran the NEEDS (New Entrepreneur cum Enterprise Development Scheme) Scheme and Prime Minister’s office for loan approval under the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana (PMMY). He applied for approval in 2014 but got it approved in 2016 because of the long process.

Naidhroven’s scooter is not only being used by disabled people. But also as a conventional way of moving around in small distances. It is more compact than regular vehicles and runs on battery power which means it is easy to maneuver and does not cost much to run. Even some communities are used to moving people around.

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