Nexon EV Max to Have More power Than The Current Generation Nexon, Check Out New Details

Tatat Nexon EV MAX new teaser shocases range

Tata is all set to release the new Nexon EV MAX and has started releasing teasers to motivate zeal towards its new launch. According to recent reports the EV max would have a 136 hp new electric motor. The power output would be bumped up by about 9HP to the current generation Nexon EV.People have been excited about the Nexon EV Max long range for a long time. And to help the increasing excitements further Tata launched two new teasers  yesterday touting its new extended range Nexon EV’s unveiling .The new advertising campaign talks of how the car would provide a harmonious blend of efficiency Max, power max, innovation max and electrifying max.

The Design of the car still seems to be similar as the old one as Tata teases it in the teaser. While extended range is being the major feature of the new model. The car would offer a new battery pack a 40KWH unit that might need little bit of floor redesigning and the new battery pack might as well eat into the boot of the car. The released teaser also showcases how the upcoming variant would have a rotary dial for selecting different modes, the dial seems to be picked right out of Jaguar’s interior. Plus the car would get a park mode as well as a hill hold assist system.

The  new long range extended Nexon EV max would however be a betterment over the past Nexon as the new battery pack would allow it to go further than 312 km (ARAI) on a single charge while the long-range model is expected to go over 400km on the official test cycle. However in a real life test conducted the current gen Nexon EV could only manage about 200-220 km’s. Hence it would be vital to note that the range extended version would only do about 300 to 320 km’s in real life.

New Powerful Charger

As per reports the car might also get a power full 6.6Kw Ac charger option. An addition to the existing 3.3KWC, charger which approx takes about 10 hours to charge the battery. The long-range Nexon EV is also expected to get selectable regen modes. This will enable drivers to adjust the intensity of the regenerative braking, which helps in further improving the range. While the existing Nexon EV already gets regen braking, it is mild and non-adjustable.

NEW Rotary mode selecting dial

New Features

The new range extended model to also get newer features to justify the increase in prices , the car would get Air purifier , Ventilated seats, Cruise control , Park mode, hill assist and Electronic stability program these would make sure that the car is not in any way similar to the older model.

Expected price

The long-range Nexon EV max is expected to be priced about of Rs 3 lakh-4 lakh above and over the current Nexon EV. However, Tata will continue selling the current model alongside the new long-range version, in order to give customers more choice in terms of price and range. As according to recently released press reports the Nexon EV max would be priced at somewhere around 20 lakhs and dealers have started taking bookings unofficially.

Competitors in the market

Given its higher price tag, the long-range Nexon EV max will compete better with the other mass-market electric SUVs on sale – the Hyundai Kona Electric and MG ZS EV – than the current Nexon EV . Still, the locally manufactured long-range Nexon EV max will continue to have a price advantage over Hyundai and MG, both of which are brought down via the CKD route .The Nexon EV long range to be launched on May 11th  and it seems, Tata Is again going to hog all the headlines as is apparent by the temperament of the advertising spree they are engaging themselves in.

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