Okinawa Dealership Near Nagpur Catches Fire, No Causalities Reported

ookinawa Dealership Burns uP

Another incident to shake up confidence in EVs registers its self in the media reports. Okinawa dealership near Nagpur Mangalore caught fire, its being reported that the fire grew rampant due to a short circuit. A similar incident was reported from Tamil Nadu where in a Okinawa dealer ship caught fire, the company came out to clear their air regarding the fire and said that it was due to an short circuit and not a scooter catching fire.

A video of the dealer ship burning up surfaced over the internet in the video. Black smoke fills up the whole dealership, the name of the dealer ship is Smart city motors and the owner whose name is Hamid lives just above the dealership. The first person to notice the fire was Hamid’s wife. She saw smoke at around 7 AM in the morning. Hamid’s son said that the MCBs were tripping since morning and they thought that it is a power disruption because of the rainy season.

Ather Dealership

There have been several cases of scooters from OLA as well as Okinawa Auto tech burning up , a few days aback a Ather dealership also caught fire and later on it was revealed that the dealership had a short-circuit. Coincidence in its most prudent form it seems that every EV dealer is suddenly facing short circuits.

Before this several incidents of scooters from Ola as well as Pure EV burning up spontaneously were reported Because of so many incidents, the Indian government launched a probe to find the reason behind the fires. Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) reported that the issue is with the battery design and EV modules. DRDO said that the bad battery design is causing fires. Such defects occur when manufacturers use low-grade materials to reduce the production cost.

The government has also summoned the electric vehicle manufacturers after Defence Research & Development Organization filed the report. The Union Ministry will hear the companies before taking an appropriate decision on the matter.

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