Ola S1 Pro Front Suspension collapses while riding , owner tweets his predicament

ola s1 pro fornt susupension collapses

Ola S1 pro has been in the news for the past few month for all the wrong  reasons, while the scooter surfaced over the internet for apparently catching fire because of quality lapses, several cases where Ola buyers set their scooter on fire or used a donkey to pull it along to denote shame have came forward as well. Several cases have been reported of buyers facing issues with the quality as well as fit and finish of the vehicle , on 15th of April a case  surfaced over the internet where a Ola S1 pro’s front suspension collapsed while the owner was riding the scooter. Ola refused to comment upon the scenario ,but it would be vital to witness how Ola would stay put now as a similar incident has repeated itself.

A owner shared his story over at face book about how the front end of his suspension broke loose while riding the scooter on at low speed.

According to the owner the frame at the front broke in half while riding the scooter on the road doing slow speeds . Such a incident showcases severe quality lapse as well a poor quality check from Ola. Ola also has been in limelight because of threatening a user to delete social media posts revealing the issues he faced with Ola’s services as well as their product. The owner spoke of how the the quality of the scooter lacks and the front collapses even when the scooter is doing slow speeds.

Fortunately no one was hurt in the recent incident , but it seems that the scooter would require a critical repair job to get back in an operational form. previous to this another case was reported where an Ola s1 pro due to a technical glitch reveres at a high speed causing severe injuries to an old rider.

 After many incidents of the Ola s1 pro catching fire , the central government tasked Defense Research and Development organization (DRDO) with investigating these mishaps. Now, finally, DRDO’s wing Centre for Fire, Explosive and Environment Safety (CFEES) has submitted its report. It has reported serious defects in the batteries. Basically, bad battery design and defective EV modules have been reported as the cause of the fires. Such skimping on battery quality allows the manufacturers to price the vehicle competitively and gain a sales margin. However OLA Okinawa as well as Pure and a few other manufacturers have been summoned by the Government.

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