OLA’S New Electric Car Teased, New Teaser Surfaces Over Internet


While OLA might still be facing quality issues for their product the S1 pro it seems that the company is in full swing to acquire another market segment. A recent teaser from the company surfaced online in which a new concept of the OLA electric car can be seen under pretentious lighting.

The Teaser

In the teaser we can see the car is as any concept is full of profound curves as well as a low sitting body in crimson shade. While we understand that the general public would be excited to see the teaser, auto enthusiasts understand that designs of the concept seldom meet realities of life. With the ground clearance showcased even road tests would become a hurdle for the brand.

Technical Specifications

The teaser shares no info about the specifications of the car but showcases splendid lines as well as flawless curves which end in oblivion. The car would soon become the talk of the town. While OLA has already made quite a name for itself through its scooter this car would bring attention to the brand even its blazing hot and fast scooters could not. As of now it would be futile to say anything about the range as the manufacturer themselves have not shared any info.

As of what to expect you can expect anything, but you would probably only get the latest from  China. the car might use a electric skateboard platform like so many other manufacturers are doing and would be profound for India as being produced here it would produce further employment for all.The teaser has brought all of the internet in a tremor of fervent excitement which probably would be dampened down by the faltering quality to be delivered by the brand later on.

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