One wheeled Electric KTM, Is It Practical And Safe?

One Wheeled KTM

Ingenious design as well as engineering becomes a cornerstone of every profound mechanical invention , similar has been the case with this bike. The designer has used his ingenious and out of the box thinking to being such a creation to life. The video of how he did it has been published over at youtube by the channel creative science.

The process started by mounting a fuel tank from Yamaha FZ on a frame.  Then they made the rest of the frame by using pipes. After that they made a cutout on a piece of cardboard for the seat and used the same cardboard as a stencil to make a cutout on a piece of metal. A piece of foam was pasted on the metal and then trimmed to form the seat.

Body panels taken from an Yamaha FZ

Once all of this was done then all the panels from the body were taken out and final touches were given to the chassis. A primer coating was done on the chassis and then it was spray painted. The team opted for a KTM orange colour. Then the tank was wrapped in KTM’s orange and white colour. There was carbon fiber on the side panels and decals were also pasted. It is not known why the vlogger simply did not choose the fuel tank of a KTM Duke. A small fender was also wrapped in orange and white. To run the one-wheeled motorcycle, batteries will be used which we can see in the video. The team assembles the battery themselves. The wheel gets turned on by flicking an MCB. A fake headlamp is also mounted in the front along with bar-end mirrors to complete the look of the one-wheeled motorcycle.

The Mechanism

It seems the bike runs due to a inter-wheel motor that rests inside the wheel which helps the makers pack in the bike more neatly and practically. Although this self production of battery packs might be a bit dangerous as there are no guidelines, rules or standards to measure it’s validity against. There is a self balancer sensor which is the most important part of the scooter as it helps the scooter in balancing itself. It should be fitted properly and should be well-calibrated otherwise, the scooter won’t stand up on its own and balance itself. The wires connect the sensor to the throttle cable.

The one-wheeled motorcycle does look bizarre and out of place but it works. The vlogger does not mention for how long the battery power the motorcycle. We don’t even know if those batteries are rechargeable or not. But, we can see the vlogger going back and forth on the scooter without any issue. I hope these do not take the place of conventional vehicles any time soon.