People In Sri Lanka Stand Overnight at Fuel Stations To Get Fuel, Country Amid Fuel Shortage

vehicles line up in a mile long line to get fuel in sri lanka

While we in India have been struck with price hikes and have been bringing severe critique to the government for fuel price rises , in another part of the world people have been waiting overnight to get their fuel tanks filled up. A recent report from Sri Lanka showcases how people have been lining up to get petrol. Even Ambulances have been sighted clamoring and crawling slowly for hours to get fuel filled up.

Sri Lanka has been going through a devastating economic breakdown and formerly announced that it has consumed all its reserve petroleum. But now several petrol stations have started filling up petrol in the privately owned vehicles. In the video report done by India Today lines of 4wheeelrs as well as 2 wheelers are seen continuing for kilometers apart. People standing in hope of getting fuel so that they can go about their daily activities.

The correspondent spoke to a person who stood in line over night to get fuel filled, he spoke how the utter scarcity of fuel is wasting times of the citizens , precious time which could have been used efficiently. He also talked about reoccurring Curfew’s that are being instated in Sri Lanka to pacify the situation. He said that the reoccurring curfews do not even give us enough time to buy groceries for daily use, all of the time is wasted while getting our fuel tanks filled. In such a travesty the importance of fuel has risen up to a new level, while people heave lost hope in the government they are also preparing themselves for what is to follow.

Amid the host of travesties Sri Lanka is going through fuel shortage becomes the most prominent , such acute shortage of fuel can further lead the country into a spiral of complete down fall, the hope of the people as said by the reported in report lies towards a newer government which has substantial plans to resurrect the Sri Lankan economy.

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