Ratan Tata Posts About His Inspiration Behind Tata Nano, Is Nano EV A Possibility For Future?

Inspiration Bheind Tata Nano

Ratan Tata is a stalwart for the Indian Automotive Industry , he has brought attention as well as regard for our auto industry time and time again. He was one of the first industrialists who took up the initiative to manufacture India’s first endogenously produced car The Indica which went on for sale for quite some time and became a top selling product , the car was also sold in United kingdom under the moniker of Rover. Then he went on to tackle the produce one of the worlds cheapest cars The TATA Nano .

A recent post Video him using a privately made Nano EV  to get to the TAJ surfaced over the internet  and the internet went in to a fit of rage to understand how the a Nano was converted to an EV. Although TATA hasn’t spoken about the Nano EV yet, its possible it might enter the market pretty soon. While Ratan TATA ji spoke about his inspiration as well as his idea behind the Tata Nana in a recent post on his Instagram.

He Says_ What really motivated me, and sparked a desire to produce such a vehicle, was constantly seeing Indian families on scooters, maybe the child sandwiched between the mother and father, riding to wherever they were going, often on slippery roads. One of the benefits of being in the School of Architecture, it had taught me to doodle when I was free. At first we were trying to figure out how to make two wheeler’s safer, the doodles became four wheels, no windows, no doors, just a basic dune buggy. But I finally decided it should be a car. The Nano, was always meant for all our people.

The Indian Consumer

India is a dynamic land, where people demand value for as cheap as possible, the Indian consumer is an utmost opportunist when it comes to his choices, they represent a class that always wants more for less and for them it was hard to understand a product like Nano. Tata Nano even after being a wonderful product with great design as well as a robust engine never got the attention it should have. The car was such a ingenious design that even Jay leno praised it on his show, as he showcased immense respect for MR Ratan TATA as well as the Nano. There have been several products that could have brought a change into the Indian automotive market for good but the Indian consumer remained too busy with a tinkering desire for SUV’s for cheap, even if they were swelled up hatch backs.

Tata Nano Performance Specifications

Tata Nano came with a 624 cc, SOHC, twin-cylinder petrol engine which was placed at the rear.  The engine produced 37 bhp of max power and 51 Nm of peak torque. It was mated to a four-speed manual gearbox or an AMT transmission that transferred the power to only the rear wheels so infact the car was a Porsche , a cheap Porsche that would make sure the consumer wouldn’t drench in rain as they would have on bikes and wouldn’t be open to the hazards of slipping on slippery roads.

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