Remote-Controlled car: An old car turned into a REAL driverless car [Watch Video]

Remote controlled car
Image credits: screengrab taken from Mr Indian Hacker's video posted on YouTube

We all have played with toy cars as kids. Many lucky kids even got the chance to play with the remote-controlled cars. But here, there is a different story altogether and what we spotted on YouTube is a REAL remote-controlled car.

A video uploaded on YouTube channel named ‘Mr Indian Hacker’ shows how a team of young guys turned an old car into a real driverless car controlled by a remote. The video is trending at number 8 on YouTube and has so far garnered 5.2 million views.

Dream of a Remote-Controlled car comes true

“Dream Comes True Full Size Remote Controlled Car, We Made Real Driverless Car – Remote Controlled,” the description in the video reads.

One guy explains how they turned an old car into a real driverless car. Yes, the car can be controlled with a normal as well as an X-Box remote. But, he says, they had to use the normal one as the X-Box controller has a short range.

He says it took the team 2 months to create this remote-controlled car.

What’s inside?

He further says that they have removed front seats from the car and there is no space for the driver. Inside, there are two batteries that provide power to the car. The steering wheel has also been removed and instead it has been connected with a motor and several motor drivers have also been installed.

Action time

So, the team shows us some action as they start using the remote to control the brakes, steering wheel and tyres. The accelerator is also controlled by the remote. Originally, the car was packed with a manual gearbox. Except for the gearbox and clutch, all the other systems in the car are remote-controlled. Moreover, the guy shows us how the car can even be turned off using remote.

Next, two of the team members sit on the car as one of them with the remote control gets the car moving. And then, it kind of disappears from the sight. It also runs in reverse gear, then the guys get down and the car takes some dirt and enjoys some drifting on the empty field.

Later, the team can be seen enjoying a ride on the driverless car.

Watch the video right here:

The video description also carries a disclaimer which reads: “This Video Is Just For Entertainment And Fun Purposes Only Plz Don’t Try To Do Or Recreate Any Action Shown In This Video Just Watch And Enjoy.”

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