Royal Enfield Scram 411 Off-Road Review: Can Scram Replace The Mighty Himalayan?

Royal Enfiled Scram 411

While Royal Enfield has brought in the New scram to probably take the place of the Himalayan, would the bike really be able to take the place of the first ever adventure tourer form the Royal Enfield clan. Well to answer the question Nathan The Postman YouTuber Bike reviewer took his bike up several trails and routes  with spilled with rocks and mud , and he had to say this.

User Experience

Nathan really likes the look as well as the general feel of the bike he said that while the bike is really similar to the Himalayan, it does offer less amenities. He firstly talked about how the size of the front wheel has been reduced to 19-Inches against the Himalayan’s 21-inches, which although according to him does not cause much of a problem. Then he also spoke about how in the old Himalayan you could switch off the abs to tackle the Rockies , while in the scram that isn’t an option anymore, while the general public wont notice such changes trail riders like Nathan himself consider the change to be an demerit for the bike.

The rider also talked about how the central stand that has been removed by the manufacturer from the scram was useful while trying to maintain and mend  the bike on the road , although its removal helps in difficult off-Roading a quality Royal Enfield  strives for. He said that the stand used to catch up on rocks as well as uneven surfaces but it was a very practical add on as it would help the riders in mending the bike on the go.

The inability to switch Off ABS

He also talked about how if you really want to switch off the ABS on the scram you cannot take off the fuse as it would, corrupt the speed sensor as well and you would loose the speed reading. The rider was also gave a sharp critique to why the Royal Enfield removed the rpm meter. Nathan the rider considered the Himalayan a better bike where you were getting a better list of equipment’s for the price.

His opinion comes from riding on dirt and rocky terrains for years , but for the normal buyer who plans to use the Scram as an daily these quibbles wouldn’t matter ,these things would only matter to an hardcore biker who tackles the dusty terrains often. But even Nathan alleged that the bike can off-road with an tremendous pace without any difficulties.

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