Royal Enfield Scram 411Highway Riding Review, Can You Tour On The Scram 411 ?

Royal Enfield Scram 411

While Royal Enfield has brought in the New scram to probably take the place of the Himalayan, would the bike really be able to take the place of the first ever adventure tourer form the Royal Enfield clan, would you really be able to tour on the motor cycle. Well to answer the question Strell The YouTube Bike reviewer took his bike up several motorways to reach a conclusion.

The YouTuber really liked the look as well as the general feel of the bike he said that while the bike is really similar to the Himalayan, it does offer less amenities. He firstly talked about how the size of the front wheel has been reduced to 19-Inches against the Himalayan’s 21-inches, which although according to him does not cause much of a problem. Then he also spoke about how in the old Himalayan you could switch off the abs to tackle the Rockies , while in the scram that isn’t an option anymore, while the general public wont notice such changes trail riders.

Bikes Performance

The YouTuber also talked about how the bike delivers its peak torque in low rpm ranges and when you stretch it on the highways the bike has nothing to offer other than severe vibrations. He also talked about how the Cruising speed of the bike was 80 to 110 after which the bike struggled and started vibrating. The YouTuber said that the bike is a good highway tourer , but it doesn’t sit too well of you take it to speeds higher than the110 mark, at such speeds he said the front end wobbles a bit due to the tight geometry of the rake and the bike starts to vibrate. And again he spoke about an abs switch off  button and its need. Also the after market support for the Scram 411 in accessories is also great so while touring you wouldn’t face a issue.

ABS cant be Switched Off

OFF He also talked about how if you really want to switch off the ABS on the scram you cannot take off the fuse as it would, corrupt the speed sensor as well and you would loose the speed reading. The rider was also gave a sharp critique to why the Royal Enfield removed the rpm meter. the rider considered the Himalayan a better bike where you were getting a better list of equipments for the price.

Royal Enfield according to their presentation of the product has paced the bike for road use as well as mild off-roading , if you have daily commutes to commit to and , want to have fun on the weekends while touring and riding this might e the best bike for you.

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