Skoda Octavia VS Hyundai Creta Turbo Drag Race: Shocking Results (Video)

Drag Race Creta Turbo VS Skoda Octavia

Seldom do we get to see a race where one of the competitors was given every advantage possible and still there wasn’t a single thing it could do to beat the other car. Pratham shokeen few days back pitted his Creta turbo against the mighty Skoda Octavia and the results were shocking to say the least.

Engine Specifications

The Octavia is powered by a four cylinder turbo charged engine which produces about 188 bhp and a peak torque of 320NM while the Creta is powered by a 4 cylinder 1.4 litre turbo charged engine which produces about 138BHp and a peak torque of about 242 NM. On paper there is no way that the Octavia is giving any lead to Creta

The Race

In the race the Creta was given every advantage possible but it just couldn’t makeup any lead whatsoever. Advantages like a starting positions about two car lengths beyond the starting line and switching off the Air Conditioning as well , but as soon as the Ocatvia came into its power band the Creta was left behind and the lead kept on increasing until the end of the race. The Octavia is a different kind of car altogether and also being a saloon it was helped by the sharper aerodynamics as well. The gusto with which the car kept going on has never been seen before even by the participants on the same straights , one of them alleged the Ocatvia reached a 190kmph which wasn’t even possible in a Audi q3 which is way more expensive.

Safety Precautions

Although the car were owned privately by the participants it’s not advisable to conduct such races on public roads. The danger of there being accidents always looms close. Also if proved as this video once published can ,that the owner was in a pursuit of testing the top speed or trying to do a timed run in case of an accident the insurers might turn hesitant to help. 

Be safe and ensure others safety as well first.

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