Solar Car: This car can run for 7 months on single charge at zero cost, check details

Lightyear Zero Solar Car

As the prices of petrol and diesel are skyrocketing, more and more people are now switching to electric vehicles. However, there are a few charging stations for electric vehicles. This is the reason why people also have to face problems in using electric vehicles. But now a company has made such a car, which can be used for 7 months after a single charge. And your expenses will be zero.

This company started in the Netherlands in 2016

The name of this car is Lightyear Zero, which is made by the startup company Lightyear. The company has succeeded in creating a different and unique car. If this car is charged once, then it can be run for seven months. Five people together started Lightyear company in the Netherlands in the year 2016. There are more than 500 employees in this company. The company has built about 949 electric cars in its first product.

Lightyear Zero Solar Car

Will run for 2 months in countries with less sunlight

Lightyear says that the car can be used for months on single charge in countries where there is plenty of sunlight. Because this car runs on solar energy. Therefore it can also be called the world’s first solar car. Also, in countries where there is less sunlight, in that country, this car can be run for 2 months on a single charge. This car can be driven up to 35 km in a day.

Official sales to begin in November 2022

The specialty of this car is that it can be driven 625 km on a single charge. This car runs at a speed of 110 kilometers per hour on the highway. The official sale of this car will start from November 2022. With the Light Year Zero car, the company has given a charger of 1 kilo watt hour to the customers. This car can be driven 10 km in 1 hour of charge and 70 km on full day charge.

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